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Decorate with Blue - How to Decorate with the Trend Color of 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Blue is a color that has always had a strong presence in the world of design and fashion. It is a color associated with calm, peace, and harmony. Year after year, blue returns as a trend color, and it's not hard to understand why. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of blue and its versatility. We will delve into different shades and provide you with inspiration on how to integrate this timeless color into your home.

Cobalt Blue Accents

Add cobalt blue accents to your living room or bedroom to create a fresh and vibrant feeling. You can use pillows, throws, or rugs in cobalt blue to add a pop of color to a neutral room. Combine with white or gray shades to create a stylish contrast.

The immensely popular "Flower pot" lamp in a cobalt blue shade at Svenssons in Lammhult.

Soft Sky Blue Walls

Give your room a soothing atmosphere by painting the walls in a soft sky blue shade. This can work especially well in the bedroom or in a space where you want to create a relaxing environment. Complement with white furniture and natural materials for a fresh and airy feel.

If you don't want to paint with just blue color, a tip is to find a patterned wallpaper, like this one from Midbec wallpapers.

Muted Shades of Blue

If you prefer a more subtle interior, you can use muted shades of blue. These tones provide a sophisticated and elegant touch to your home. Consider including muted blue curtains, rugs, or accent pillows to create a subtle yet elegant color palette.

A wonderful way to incorporate muted blue shades into your home at Sofia Tretow's place, with a rug from Layered.

Take the sky blue to the next level and wallpaper with this beautiful wallpaper from Rebel Walls.

Nautical-Inspired Decor

Create a maritime atmosphere with blue and white shades. Use blue and white stripes on pillows, curtains, or furniture to capture the feeling of the sea. Complement with maritime-inspired decorations such as shells, starfish, or nautical details to create a true coastal vibe.

This magical fabric from Svenskt Tenn works nicely as both curtains or perhaps a cushion cover.

Blue Porcelain and Ceramic

Include blue porcelain or ceramic in your decor to add an elegant touch. It can be blue plates, bowls, or vases that become beautiful eye-catchers. Place them on an accent table or shelf to add a pop of color and personality to your room.

At Nordic Nest, you'll find a wide selection of beautiful porcelain from different brands.

Decorating with this year's trend color blue gives your home a sense of calm, harmony, and style. By using shades like cornflower blue and muted tones of blue, you can create a fresh and sophisticated atmosphere. Choose to use blue as accents, on the walls, or in the form of porcelain and ceramic to create an inspiring and personal decor. Regardless of your preferred style, blue is a color that can bring timeless beauty and elegance to your home.

Do you want to learn more about decorating with color? Check out our interior decoration courses here!



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