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Challenging Conventions: Unconventional Interior Choices to Try

Tired of the predictable? Let 2024 be the year we challenge ourselves to think outside the box with interior choices that break the norm. Join us on a journey where we push the boundaries in home design.

Beyond the Walls

The first step to thinking outside the box is to think beyond your walls. Why limit art and decoration to just the walls when the ceiling is also a large, often forgotten, canvas? Imagine hand-painted patterns, ceiling wallpapers, or even hanging installations that transform your room into a 360-degree art experience.

Image: Rebel Walls 

Redefine the Room's Purpose

Who said the living room is only for relaxation or the kitchen solely for cooking? 2024 is much about breaking these traditional room definitions. Transform a part of your kitchen into a miniature studio for art or design. Or why not create a small reading or meditation spot in your bathroom?

Mixing Time Periods

Modernism meets Victorian style. Art Deco collides with futuristic influences. One of the major trends this year is mixing different eras to create exciting contrasts. Pairing a modern sofa with an antique chandelier might sound crazy, but it's these unexpected combinations that create a unique atmosphere.

Material Experiments

The materials you choose can change the entire feel of a room. In 2024, we see an increase in experimental material choices. Imagine countertops in the sustainable material terrazzo, or a side table made entirely of recycled glass. Or perhaps a completely transparent chair made of sustainable plastic. This is the year to experiment and rediscover traditional interior materials.

Integrating Nature in New Ways

Incorporating plants into home decor has been popular for a while, but now it's about taking it to the next level. Think vertical gardens on indoor walls, small built-in ponds or aquariums as the room's centerpiece, or large trees planted in the middle of a room with a specially designed opening in the ceiling to let it grow freely.

Challenging conventions in interior design doesn't have to be daunting or overwhelming. It's simply about giving yourself the freedom to experiment, embrace new ideas, and not be afraid to break some rules. 2024 is the year to think outside the box and create a home that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

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